Domestic RO System
RO Counter Top  
6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Process
1st Stage When water enters through 5 micron Polypropylene sediment, pre-filter removes suspended materials like dirt, dust, mud & particles down to 5-micron.
2nd Stage Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter to absorb heavy chlorine from water. It also removes foul taste, odour and colour.
3rd Stage Carbon block filter to remove smaller contaminants and any other remaining chlorine particles - protecting R.O.Membrane.
4th Stage This cartridge contains special kind of anti scalent balls (sodium Hexa Metaphosphate). SHMP binds with hardness causing ions and prevents from scaling with the membrane thereby enhancing the life of the RO membran
5th Stage R.O.Membrane eliminates 90 to 95% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and harmful substance in water as well as bacterial and virus down to 0.0001 microns.
6th Stage In line post carbon filter polishes water ensure fresh tasting, crystal clear water.
Salient Features
  • Its multiple advanced filtration technology provide complete treatment of chlorine, bad taste & odour,dissolved salts & reduced salinity to give you fresh & pure water.
  • It has six stage purification process: sediment filter cartridge,Granular activated carbon cartridge, Carbon block filter cartridge,Antiscalant Cartridge, RO membrane cartridge,Polishing filter cartridge.
  • Designed on high TDS level that reduces maintenance cost.
  • Made of Food grade plastic material to ensure the purity of water even after long time of storage.
  • It is compact & elegant model.
  • Built in mechanism for over current protection.
Technical Specification
Description RO - Counter Top
Flow Rate 10 LPH
Rejection of TDS 90% to 95%
Feed Water TDS Max.3000 ppm
Recovery 33%
Electrical Consumption 24W
Storage Capacity 8 Ltrs
Hydro Pneumatic Tank Pressure in Kg/Sq Cm -
System Dimension (Approx) 16x10x18 - inches
Tank Dimension (Approx) -
Water Treatment Result Aquapure Comparision
Contamination Caused Disease RO
Ultra VioletRay Purifiers
Sodium Heart disease greentick
Calcium Kidney stone greentick
Magnesium Kidney stone greentick
Lead Mental Retardation greentick
Copper Indigestion greentick
Nitrate Dysentery greentick
Bacteria Bacterial Disease greentick
Virus Viral Disease greentick
Pyrogen Fever greentick
Pesticides Cancer greentick
Fluoride Fluorosis greentick
Arsenic Poisoning greentick